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Packing List - courtesy of Lynn at Alpha World Travel 919.467.5020
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Travel Documents
Ticket Receipts
Hotel Confirmation/Vouchers
Phone Contacts
Copy of Passport in luggage-also one at home with family/friend
Driver's License
Credit Cards/ATM card - advise bank of your travels
Travel Insurance Policy/Phone #
Alpha World Travel's phone and email:  919-467-5020
Her Checklist
__Swim Suits - 2 or more
__Swim Suit Cover Up
__Beach Sandals/Shoes
__Tennis shoes
__Lightweight Sweater
__Twin Sets
__Workout clothes
__Jewelry- limited
__Sun Hat/Visor
__Beach Bag
__Makeup Bag*
__Change of clothes*
__  __________________
__  __________________
__  __________________
__  __________________
__  __________________
__  __________________

Extra Tips and Suggestions:
-   Pack a mix of his and her clothing in each suitcase so that if a bag is delayed, no one is completely without clothes.
-   Pack a change of clothes in your carry on luggage. (Car and house keys should always be in your carry on)
-   For cruise travel, your luggage may not be delivered to your stateroom until late in the day. Be sure to pack bathing suits, etc. in your carry-on.
-  Verify your checked luggage is tagged with the correct destination. It will be listed on your claim ticket given at the ticket counter.
- Advise your credit card company/bank of your travels to avoid charges being denied in case your account is flagged for suspicious or fradulent activity.



His Checklist
__Swim Suits - 2
__Beach Sandals/Shoes
__Dress shorts
__Dress pants/khaki's
__Collared Shirts
__Button Down - 1 or 2
__Dress shoes
__Tennis shoes
__Ball Cap/Sun visor
__Workout clothes
__Back Pack
__Toiletry Bag*
__Change of Clothes*
__  _______________
__  _______________
__  _______________
__  _______________
__  _______________
__  _______________
General List
__ Camera & film*
__ Camcorder*
__ Waterproof Camera*
__ Extra Batteries
__ Extra Memory*
__ Chargers
__ Prescriptions*
__ Sunblock lotion-High SPF
__ Lip Balm-High SPF
__ Toothbrush & Toothpaste*
__ Dental floss
__ Shaving supplies
__ Contact lenses and solution*
__ Pen and notepad
__ Address List (+emails)
__ Glasses/Contact Lens*
__ First Aid-simple kit
__ Bug spray/Calamine
__ Deodorant
__ Shampoo/Conditioner
__ Hair Gel/Spray
__ Lotion
__ Sewing kit
__ Nail file/Clippers
__ Plastic bag for wet clothes
__ Spot Remover
__ Dryer sheets-for static removal
__ Lint roller
__ Books/Magazines*
__ I-Pod/MP3/Walkman*
__ Steamer Iron
__ Travel Umbrella
__ Neck Rest for flight*
__ Binoculars
__ Deck of cards*
__ Small Flashlight
__ A few $1 bills ($20 worth)*
__ Luggage Tag/Ribbon/Belt
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